• Dominic Paris


    Strength and conditioning coach of Oscar de la Hoya (7 World championship fights)


    Strength & conditioning coach, specialized in high performance development, short term periodization and peaking.

    Online workouts and programs: Knockout Conditioning, Bodyweight training, free weight & kettlebell training, cardiovascular training...

    Creator of the training method "Knockout Conditioning", an "underground" method for conditioning and explosive power. The method is for boxers and fighters, but all athletes are concerned, including young athletes. I have used these programs with great success with many professional boxers in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and France.

    Recent work with professional boxers in Los Angeles: Jose "Chon" Zepeda (Top Rank), Julian Ramirez, Panchito De Vaca, Edgar Valerio (Golden Boy Promotions) .

    Collaborative work (integration of conditioning program with boxing) with boxing trainer Roberto Alcazar.


    Athletic fitness programs for tennis and soccer players.

    Group training (2-5 people): total body conditioning, core conditioning...









    Who I am and what I'm doing...


    Sport trainer and coach with more than 20 years experience in elite performance development.
    Knockout Conditioning for Professional boxers.
    Functional strength and conditioning programs for athletic fitness and sport performance.
    Conditioning and cardiovascular training, periodizations.
    Strength and conditioning for young athletes.
    Injury prevention programs.
    Power breathing techniques with unique method to speed up recovery and recuperation.
    Personal coaching and group training (team)
    Strength and conditioning for fighters (boxing, maa): speed, power, specific endurance, weight management and nutritional strategy, maximal and explosive strength.

    Corporate fitness program: re-conditioning in group training, athletic approach for everyone, body composition testing.

    Coach of several European and World Champions:
    Strength and conditioning coach of Julien Lorcy, France, lightweight boxing World Champion
    Strength and conditioning coach of Idriss Kehlafi, Kick boxing World Champion
    Strength and conditioning coach Khalid Rahilou, boxing World Champion
    Consultant and coach for European Champions: Alex Miskirtchian, Alex polizzi, Christophe Canclaux, Anthony Mezaache
    Strength and conditioning coach of Seb Tortelli, motocross pilot, NSCA tennis players, kayak racers, soccer players.

    Specialties: Peak performance for fighters (boxing, maa): short term preparation, body composition optimization, explosive power, specific endurance development (anaerobic threshold, VO2max).

    Corporate Group training for re-conditioning, energy and recuperation.


    Education: Master degree in sport physiology and physical education.


  • Director Knockout Coaching Athletics LLC

    Knockout Conditioning  Programs





    Knockout Coaching LLC


    Mar 2008 - Present


    Corporate fitness bootcamp programs
    Conditioning programs for professional boxers
    Author and publisher





    Programme Interval Training



    Programme Puissance Explosive



    Programme Core Conditioning



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